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Gambling Sponsorship and Advertising Shakeup in Spanish Football.
In February 2020, The Ministry of Consumer affairs in Spain Ministro de Consumo proposed a new Royal Decree containing measures designed to regulate the conditions under which gambling operators with a license in Spain can carry out advertising, sponsorship or promotional activities in Spanish football.
Gambling Addiction - Villa Paradiso Spain.
The internet and smartphones have made gambling much more accessible and the result is that this type of addiction is increasing fast. Unfortunately, there is a general lack of public awareness about this problem. Symptoms of Gambling Addiction. Do you know someone who is worrying you by exhibiting a possible addiction to gambling?
New Study Reveals Problem Gambling Rate is Just 0.3 in Spain - European Gaming Industry News.
Reading Time: 1 minute. University Carlos III of Madrid UC3M has published a new study which reveals that the problem gambling rate in Spain is just 0.3. José Antonio Gómez Yáñez, Professor of sociology and member of the Institute of Policy and Governance at UC3M, said that the objective of the research was to analyse in a real and verifiable way the relationship between Spanish society and gambling.
Parliamentary question Proliferation of betting shops and gambling addiction E-003682/2019 European Parliament.
Spain is the European country with the highest rate of gambling addiction among persons between the ages of 14 and 21 according to the Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated Gamblers FEJAR. The amount spent by Spaniards on online betting in 2017 was 49 higher than in the corresponding quarter in the previous year, according to data provided by the Spanish Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling. Compulsive gambling is a public health problem, recognised by the World Health Organisation, which has been exacerbated by the uncontrolled spread of betting shops and online betting systems.
Resources for Counselors.
Connecticut's' Extreme Hot Weather Protocol is in effect through Tuesday, August 9. Cooling centers are open across the state. To find a cooling center near you, call 2-1-1. Click here for more info. Search Bar for Connecticut State Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. Current: Resources for Counselors. DMHAS Home Page. Search Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. Search the current Agency with a Keyword. Filtered Topic Search. On-line Surveys and Screenings to rate YOUR gambling behavior. Problem Gambling Services Severity Index, Printable pdf. Problem Gambling Services Severity Index, English. Problem Gambling Services Severity Index, Spanish pdf.
Gambling Laws and Regulations Report 2022 Spain.
On advertising, the necessary prior communication of any activity in this field is required. Likewise, for the first time, measures for the prevention of pathological gambling are established, which, in order to be more effective, extend to all areas of society: health; education; youth; municipal policies; and entities that deal with addiction problems.
California Council on Problem Gambling - Problem Gambling Information.
PROBLEM GAMBLING INFO. Gambling addiction risk factors, prevention, and help services. Get help and protect yourself if someone you love is addicted. For parents, educators and teens about youth gambling. Resources for providers who treat gamblers and their loved ones.
Barcelona, Valencia Tighten Gambling Regulations.
According to Spains finance ministry, in 2018 the Gross Gaming Revenue GGR was €699 million $775,8, million -25.48 more than the previous year-while the marketing expenditure was €328 million $364 million -48 more than in 2017. The autonomous community of Valencia and the city of Barcelona have become pioneers in tackling the problem, tightening local regulation last week. On October 25 the left-wing coalition government of Valencia approved the Law of Gambling, a new regulation that pays special attention to the protection of the youngest. The draft law includes novelties such as the implementation of access controls to bookmakers in order to prevent the entry of minors and people with pathological problems. The bill foresees an increase in sanctions and more public investments to finance prevention programmes. During the parliamentary discussion that will take place in the following weeks, political groups may also agree on a minimum distance that gambling establishments must keep from schools. A few days before Valencia introduced the bill, Barcelona city council was the first Spanish city to ban on October 22 the opening of new gambling establishments, including bookmakers, bingos, and casinos in order to preserve citizens health.
Public Awareness Brochures - Nevada Council on Problem Gambling.
When The Fun Stops brochures and display racks support compliance with information posting requirements of NV Gaming Regulation 5.170 - Programs to Address Problem Gambling. The full color, tri-fold brochure available in English Spanish includes warning signs of problem gambling and encourages individuals to seek help through the 24 hr.
KRGA - Search.
Voluntary Exclusion Program Brochure Spanish. Voluntary Exclusion Program Brochure Vietnamese. Treatment is provided at no cost to problem gamblers, family members and concerned others who reside in Kansas. El estado ofrece ayuda a personas sufriendo con problemas de apuestas en Kansas. Call 800-522-4700 Voluntary Exclusion Program. Know Your Limits. KS Gambling Help 2017. Problem Gambling Helpline - If you are concerned or someone you know has a gambling problem, help is available.
How the British approach to gambling could benefit Spain - Olive Press News Spain.
Further to this, regulation from the British government has ensured that every gambling company operating in the country must donate a certain percentage of their income to gambling charities. Organisations such as Gamble Aware are thus well-funded and can offer problem gamblers the support and guidance that they need. Support and guidance that would be otherwise unavailable. Many critics of gambling in the UK argue that the exposure of the industry to the public could cause social gambling problems. However according to a series of studies the increased gambling exposure in the UK has led to a more mature gambling audience. As such it is believed that British gamblers are less likely to fall into gambling problems than other, less-exposed populations. What is Spain doing to improve its remote sector? Quite simply the Spanish online gambling sector is directly following the lead of its British counterparts.

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